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About Us


Osmosis Autopump India Pvt. Ltd. is involved in providing customized solutions for all types of water needs. The wide range of products are available like fully automatic water level control system which intelligently transfers water from underground to overhead tank/s, Rain water Harvesting, Energy efficient pumps and Water tank cleaning. We are committed to helping mumbai residents lead more sustainable lives by providing useful information on how to reduce wastage of natural resources and minimise our environmental impact.


What do we do?

Osmosis Autompumps India Pvt. Ltd. offers customized solutions for:
  • Water level control system
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Energy efficient pumps
  • Water tank cleaning

What makes us standout?

There are many factors that make something a success; so is the case with us. We cannot name just one factor what made us to work par excellence, so here our strengths that have made us to standout as the nonpareil water management company in Mumbai.

  • Committed to excellence
  • Reliable
  • Exceptional pre and post sales service
  • Fast turn-around
  • Full support guarantee
  • In-depth knowledge of pumping issues
  • Strategies well in place to intelligently recycle the rain water
  • Rapid developments of new quality product in low volume at competitive prices.
  • Adroit team of technicians and engineers

Our belief

“We believe that exceptional efforts always bring full customer satisfaction leaving no room for compromise and mistake.”


Our Achievements Adding Feather in the Hat

Though there are a number of success stories in the name of the company, but one of the feathers in hat is to install and maintain Rain water harvesting solutions to Sea Line building. Mr. Navin Chandra from Sea line building was interviewed by Aamir Khan for episode based on Rain water harvesting, that was aired on 22nd July 2012. Not only rain water harvesting solutions have been maintained and installed for Sea Line building, we have also provided tailor made water management solutions to huge number of clients.

Today, rainwater harvesting is growing in popularity as people look for ways to use water resources more wisely. Capturing, diverting and storing rainwater has proven its effectiveness around the world for thousands of years as an alternate source of good quality water. The company provides innovative and cost effective Precast Modular Step-well rainwater harvesting systems that are designed to meet your needs and budget requirements. From a single barrel placed under a downspout, to a complete interconnected system using multiple tanks and gravity and/or pumps, we'll work with you to plan a rainwater harvesting system that will not only help you to conserve water, but also add beauty and functionality to your landscape. We'll meet with you at your home for on-site consultation to help you choose the best application for your situation.

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